To Our Gary’s and Chamber Family & Guests:


This should not come as a shock or surprise; it’s been heavily discussed since the governor’s press conference last week. However, for those who may have missed it, here’s the scoop…

Masks are mandatory. Period.

We are a public space and therefor must comply with the governors recent executive order. What does this mean? Masks are required unless you are seated at your table. Yes, you can take them off to eat and drink, but they must be worn upon entering/exiting/using the facilities. And yes, this applies to the patio area as well.

If you do not have a mask, or cannot wear one for any reason, we have multiple ways to continue to serve you safely. We will continue offering curbside and to-go service, as well as delivery, all day. If you are unable to wear a mask for the short jaunt to your table or the restrooms, please take advantage of these services.

We know. COVID sucks. It’s inconvenient. Masks can be uncomfortable. But please rest assured, it’s WAY WORSE for our staff who have to wear them their entire shift while taking countless extra steps and precautions due to these new mandates (which we gladly do because 1. we actually like you, 2. we don’t want anyone to get sick, and 3. the alternative REALLY stinks).

Now with that being said, and here’s the kicker, we need you. We do. And so do the other restaurants and bars in town. We all depend on you. So please (please) don’t make us turn you away. And please, for the love, don’t take your frustrations out on our staff. We didn’t make the rules, but we will be enforcing them to the best of our ability.

Stay healthy and safe,

Josh & Laicey